This is an epic project. It takes a lot of time, effort, and support.

Without the help of our sponsors (both financial and in-kind), support from local businesses and countless hours of volunteer time, this calendar simply would not be able to exist.


Shane Brake: Email shanejbrake@gmail.com // Instagram @shane_j_brake

Mohammad Mahdi Ghias

Dwayne Tuck: Facebook @dwaynetuck // Instagram @dwayne_tuck // Twitter @dwayne__tuck

Mikeala Martret: Facebook @MikaelaAnnRose

R&S Photo: Facebook @RS-Photo // Instagram @_rsphoto1

Tiffany Warren: Instagram @digital.doodles.yyt // Twitter @tiffmeister82

Jessie Brinkman Evans: Website jessiebrinkmanevans.com // Instagram @jebrinks // Twitter @jebrinks

Kyle Callahan: Website kylecallahan.ca // Facebook @kylecallahanphotography // Instagram @kylecallahanphotography

Kit Sora: Website kitsora.com // Facebook @Kitsora.Photography // Instagram @kitsoraa

Cynthia Dunphy: Instagram @cynthiamdesign

Tania Heath: Website taniaheathphotography.com // Facebook @taniaheathphotography // Instagram @taniaheathphotography



Katie Corbett

Cassandra Hoskins

April Pink

Jaime Stamp

Heather Kennery



Jaclyn Humphries

Donna White

Kali Kenny

RIAC – Creative Sewing Atelier

Laura Hutchings

Vivianne Cowley

Nicole Maddox

Carolyn Walsh

Barry Buckle

Clare Fowler

Blair Elliott



No. 4 Restaurant & Bar

Mary Queen of the World Elementary School

Ross King Memorial Library

Spirit of Newfoundland

Ferryland Lighthouse Picnics

Commissariat House

Gander International Airport

MUN Botanical Gardens


Special Thanks

  • Erin Gallant and Tinker of Spirit Horse NL – Stable Life Inc.
  • Kelly Bastow Art for allowing us to use your amazing illustrations
  • Administration of Mary Queen of the World Elementary School
    for opening your school while on summer holidays
  • The staff of Ross King Memorial Library
  • Hilary of No. 4 Restaurant for coming in on your day off and giving us access to your beautiful establishment
  • Chinched for the delicious food
  • Shane Brake for photographing our project team
  • Landwash Brewery for the amazing collaborations
  • Ferryland Lighthouse picnics for feeding our team and being
    incredible hosts
  • Spirit of Newfoundland for being so accommodating
  • MUN Botanical Gardens for bending over backwards and giving us
    the gift of a perfect weather day
  • The management and staff of Commissariat House
  • Gander International Airport for opening your airport to us.
  • Ray Agency for all of your incredible help and continued support
  • Jamie Miller and her film crew for documenting our wild adventure and becoming part of the family