Social Events

We get together once a month and host a different social event. These events, which are always open to the public, are a great way to meet your local beardos! (Get it? Weirdos with beards? Never mind.) Social events range from pub nights and family-friendly bonfires to participating in community events like the St. John’s Pride Parade.

While we’re a thirsty bunch, we do strive to make sure many of our events do not involve alcohol.

Group Volunteer Events

We host some form of community service activity every month. Like our social events, our volunteer events are always open to the public.

Volunteer events range from volunteering/donating blood and community cleanups to assisting other community organizations during their community events.

Haircuts for Hope

For many people, a haircut is no big deal. But for others, it may be a luxury not easily afforded. With the help of local barbers and stylists, we’re able to offer free haircuts for those who may be less fortunate. Haircuts for Hope occurs once per month in Cochrane Centre in downtown St. John’s.

Business Meetings

While it may seem like a bore, our monthly business meetings help us stay focused on our monthly social and volunteer projects. Please note: to attend a business meeting you must be a voting member of NLBMC.

Upcoming Events